Timme's Music

If you had asked Timme if he considered himself a jazz musician, Timme would have said "No" (though as a youngster he led, and played violin and drums in, his own teenage trad-jazz band — see Photos section for more info). But Timme had a gift for spotting talent in others, and for recording, producing, and assembling superb bands (for both performing live and cutting tracks). Of course, Inez Cavanaugh — Timme's life companion — was a vocalist, and you'll hear her in the music below; and both Timme and Inez wrote liner notes, did some arranging, and even penned the lyrics to "Is This to be My Souvenir?"

What follows then, is a sampling of some the wonderful music by bands that Timme either hand-picked himself, or produced, or both. As you'll see, the names of the bands reflect that fact.

Timme Rosenkrantz and his Barrelhouse Barons

Billy Kyle (p); Brick Fleegle (g); Jo Jones (dm); Walter Page (b); Rex Stewart (tp); Billy Hicks (tp); Tyree Glenn (tb, vibe); Rudy Williams (as); Russell Procope (as); Don Byas (ts); Inez Cavanaugh (vcl); Leo Mathiesen (arr). Recorded May 27, 1938.

Timme Rosenkrantz All Stars

Erroll Garner (p, arr); Slam Stewart (b); Charlie Shavers (tp); Timme Rosenkrantz (arr); Inez Cavanaugh (arr). Recorded December 26, 1944.

Timme Rosenkrantz All Stars

Shorty Rogers (p); Teddy Wilson (p); Aaron Sachs (g); Remo Palmieri (g); Specs Powell (dm); Slam Stewart (b); Red Norvo (vib, xyl); Eddie Bert (tb); Flip Phillips (ts). Recording of a live concert at Town Hall in New York City, June 9, 1945.

Teddy Wilson (p); Remo Palmieri (g); Specs Powell (dm); Slam Stewart (b); Red Norvo (xyl); Timme Rosenkrantz (arr).

Timme Rosenkrantz and His Barons

Jimmy Jones (p); Specs Powell (dm); John Levy (b); Red Norvo (vib); Otto Hardwick (as); Johnny Bothwell (as); Charlie Ventura (ts); Harry Carney (bs). Recorded August 22, 1945.

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